Scott Vincent is an environmental and wildlife enthusiast, actively supporting these important initiatives through photography and other activities for more than 22 years. During this time, Scott has photographed a wide variety of subjects on four continents and uses these images to present various programs in support of wildlife and conservation.

Having photographed with many of the recent, great wildlife and bird photographers, Scott has amassed a huge knowledge of photography techniques over the years. In addition, his intimate knowledge of wildlife and especially birds and being well versed in both Nikon and Canon photographic gear and accessories make him much sought after for his technical and artistic experience and views.

Scott has received numerous awards for his photographs and as been published nationally including magazine cover and newspaper cover photographs.

Scott can be reached at ScottVincent At Hotmail.com.

Photos can be used for non-profit, non-commercial purposes as long as proper attribution is given (I only ask that you send me a link – I love to see the photos being used!).  All photos are copyrighted – Please refrain from all other uses without contacted me for permission.

Recent recognition:
2010 Connecticut Post – Brown Pelican on the front page, Page A1
2010 BBC Natural History – 2 images in final round
2010 Natures Best – 2 images in final round, 1 image highly honored, published in Natures Best Winter 2010 issue
2011 Natures Best Backyard – 2 images in the final round

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