I was intrigued by this Rhododendron’s radiating center of peduncles (the stems that hold the flowers in a ball)  radiating from the plant.  Normally this is not seen as the flowers form a tight floral ball, but the flowers here were beaten down by a long, hard rain.  This photo was taken with a Nikon 105mm Macro lens while standing on my toes to get the height needed.

But there was an added twist, litterally.  The Nikon D800 was in two-exposure mode – one image file with two superimposed photos.  I placed the center focus point on the central axis of the flower for both photos.  Keeping the camera’s focus point in the center of the flower, the second photo was taken after rotating the camera a few degrees to help emphasize the round Ferris wheel effect.

In post processing, three different Fractalius effects where lightly blended creating the final “Roundodendron.”  Enjoy!

"Roundodendron "

“Roundodendron ” (c) Scott Vincent

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2 Responses to “Roundodendron”

  1. Very creative Scott! I love the colors.

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