Baxter State Park – Part 2: The Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail is a 2,181-mile long public footpath. Conceived in 1921 and completed in 1937, private citizens built the trail and thousands volunteer each year to help maintain it. From Maine’s Mount Katahdin to Georgia’s Springer Mountain, it traverses the wild, scenic, wooded, pastoral and culturally resonant lands of 14 states in the eastern U.S.

The A.T. (as it is commonly known) is a hiking trail, enjoyed by an estimated 4 million people each year. It is within a day’s drive of two-thirds of the U.S. population. People of all ages and abilities enjoy short walks, day hikes, and long-distance backpacking journeys. It offers a variety of opportunities for viewing spectacular scenery, for exploring, for adventure, for exercise, for nature study, and for renewal. (Source:

Many don’t realize that the A.T. is a US National Park, with the official moniker of “Appalachian National Scenic Trail.”  In Maine, the trail covers 276 miles.  Here is just a very small view of some of the trail that traverses through Baxter State Park or can be seen from very short side excursion trails.  Click on any photo for a larger image…

Baxter State Park's Big Niagara Falls, within 0.3 mi of the A.T.

Mushrooms growing on the side of the Appalachian Trail

Fall leaves blanketing the Appalachian Trail

Not always an easy or clean trek on the Appalachian Trail

Narrow boardwalk over a pond

A beautiful, lush, and tranquil part of the Appalachian Trail within Baxter State Park

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4 Responses to Baxter State Park – Part 2: The Appalachian Trail

  1. All are terrific. I love the blanket of fall colors on the Appalachian Trail!

    • Thanks so much Denise – I really appreciate your support!!! As info, each of these was made with a fisheye!! It’s hard to believe, but the mushrooms where only 6 inches from the lens!! And I had hard time keeping my feet out of the photo you like 🙂

  2. Kara says:

    How many miles- or how long would it take you to hike the App… Trail within the park.
    Or let me rephrase how far could a 20 yr old girl hike in 5 hours?

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