Arizona – The Sun State – and lessons in life

Arizona Sunset and duck silhouette (c) Scott Vincent

It’s been a long time – too long – since I’ve been back to Arizona for photography.  The last time I was here I was shooting on film!  This photo of a duck silhouetted against the setting Arizona sun brought back so many great and wonderful memories of my best friend, Tom Vezo, who introduced me to Arizona many years ago.  Tom died suddenly from a heart attach three years ago.  I so wish he was here to relive those great moments.

It is with some irony then that I came to Phoenix to see Christopher Robin play his amazing songs  at The Compound in Phoenix.  As always, Christopher gave a great performance – but in the middle of the show he mentioned that he lost a long time friend earlier in the day – and in a clearly emotional moment, dedicated a song to his long time friend.

Death is natural process of living – but that doesn’t make it any easier when the loss is too close or too soon.

Live.  Love.  Laugh.  Do it while you can!

Christopher Robin Band - Dec-2011

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