No Place Like Homer (Alaska)

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Homer, Alaska – March 13-17, 2011

It’s been too many years since I’ve been to Homer, Alaska to photograph Bald Eagles.  The last time I went it was with the great hawk photographer Ned Harris and with my best photography friend Tom Vezo, who since passed away.  So it was great to again witness the spectacle and grandeur of the eagles diving right in front of me and to remember the good times and all of the photo road trips with Tom. This time I went with a small group of enthusiastic photographers lead by Robert O’Toole, an outstanding photographer and tour leader who I highly recommend.

At the end of the 5 days, I had the “problem” of too many awesome photos to pick from to share with you.  As I go through them I’ll pick out more and post them here – so check back often for more highlights!!

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8 Responses to No Place Like Homer (Alaska)

  1. Scott, Sounds like your trip was great. Nice to be reminded of good times and good friends. I love all of the images but the silhouettes really shine! I’ll be sure to keep a look out for more posts.

  2. Thanks Denise!! I agree – although I like the day-lit images, I was really after the silhouettes – they too are my favorites. I did ok with them, but can never get enough!! And the real challenge in Homer in winter is getting a late afternoon sunset instead of an overcast sky. Got lucky on a couple of good days!!

  3. Excellent Scott! That must have been a wonderful trip. Beautiful shots. Thanks for posting them.

    • Thanks Matthew!! It was a really good trip – and so nice to get back after so many years and good memories, and now with Digital it’s even more fun and rewarding. Hope you’re able to get there some day!!

  4. Kumudu says:

    WOW Scott! What brilliant pictures! You would have had such a great time!

  5. sumbul says:

    omg, these pics are breathtaking.

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